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Comparing college football's top conferences, the Big Ten & the SEC

Big Ten sports fans all know the truth - that the Big Ten is the #1 conference in college sports. The world of college football has long been dominated by Big Ten teams; Ohio State & Michigan in particular. But in recent years we have all heard more about the big, bad SEC. The Southeastern Conference (SEC) has, unfortunately, defeated the Big Ten in the past twoBCS National Championship games, but this will not slow down Big Ten Fans!

Big Ten vs SEC in Recent Bowl Games

In the 2007-2008 bowl games, the Big Ten was pitted against the SEC in 3 games as Tennessee topped Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl, Michigan upset Florida in the Capital One Bowl and LSU handled Ohio State in the BCS Championship game. With a 2-1 advantage in last year's bowl games, the two conferences have now split the past 18 games between the Big Ten & SEC 9-9.

Per Stassen.com, since 1950 Michigan has faired well at 11-4 against SEC teams including 7-3 in bowl games. Meanwhile, two other major Big Ten programs, Wisconsin and Ohio State have not faired nearly as well. In the same timespan, 1950-2007, Ohio State is 1-10-1 against the SEC while Wisconsin has gone 2-8 against SEC teams. Penn State, a program that joined the Big Ten in 1990, has gone 15-16 overall and 9-7 in bowl games against the SEC including a 20-10 win over Tennessee in the 2006 Outback Bowl.


Continued debate: Big Ten vs. SEC

So what is you opinion? In the North we tend to pull for the Big Ten. Fans in the North tend to view the Michigan vs. Ohio State rivalry as college football's best. However, it's a different story in the South as Auburn vs. Alabama is the preferred rivalry.

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